Worker Processing Services

Once the petition is approved by the USCIS, the AW Client Services Coordinators book consular appointments and are in constant communication with the client. Our consular processing team will call the candidates with enough time to inform them of their itinerary and complete their paperwork; they will take excellent care of them once they arrive to the consular city. We have a personal and professional approach that stands out in the industry.
NOTE: We do not charge candidates, as opposed to other processing firms. If the consulate finds out someone paid anyone during any part of the visa process, they’ll deny the entire petition. Candidates sign a “No Charging Letter” that protects all parties involved.

Services include

  • Recruitment : We can recruit Visa Candidates in Mexico or South Africa and occasionally in other countries such as Guatemala. We present the prospects to the client and take part on interviews to help with translation, if necessary.
  • Consular Processing : Our agents take care of the paperwork and go to the consular appointment for them. The only thing the visa candidates will need to do is provide paperwork and attend to a follow-up interview if the consulate requests it. Our consular team will be in contact with the candidates throughout the entire process, which lasts 3-4 days (in Mexico).
  • Consular city logistics : We book hotel rooms (can be shared) for the candidates to stay in the consular city; AW pays for hotel and bills the client. We book safe taxis for all in city transportation and provide the employer with reimbursement report once the workers arrive to the job-site.
  • Transportation to worksite : We can book bus/plane tickets or, for larger groups use our trustworthy bus service for transportation to the US, once they receive their visas. Our agents will make sure all employees receive their visas and are on their way to the worksite.
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At AW Labor Solutions we provide you with a legal seasonal workforce for all of your agricultural, non-agricultural and professional business needs.
We know that H-2A, H-2B, and TN visa compliance is complicated but our seasoned team can easily streamline the process to meet your workforce needs while navigating local, state, regional and federal requirements. We want to help your business grow because your success is also our success.