H-4 Visa Program

H-4 Status allows temporary workers, such as H-2B visa holders, to bring their spouses and children to the United States. This allows spouses to work and support their families.

Regulatory Requirements for the H-4 Visa Program

The H-4 is a temporary, nonimmigrant visa for the spouses and unmarried, dependent children of individuals in one of the following nonimmigrant visa categories:
  • H-1B (workers in a specialty occupation)
  • H-2A (temporary or seasonal agricultural workers)
  • H-2B (temporary non-agricultural workers)
  • H-3 (nonimmigrant trainees, other than medical or academic)
Because the status of eligible spouses or children is conditional based on the primary worker and visa holder maintaining a valid immigration status, they are referred to as “H-4 dependents.”

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