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Our team is dedicated to helping your company expand its workforce with the most qualified and suitable employees from foreign countries. We specialize in finding visa programs that will best benefit your business, as well as providing guidance on meeting local, state, regional, federal, and international requirements. Our team of professionals in Mexico provides a comprehensive recruitment and customer service experience to ensure that both companies and candidates get the best possible outcome. From sourcing talent, to facilitating consular appointments – we are dedicated to helping our partners find success through their foreign workforce!


Natalie Farmer, ESQ

Chief Executive Officer, General Counsel

Natalie Farmer is an accomplished immigration attorney, focused on the value of a diversified workforce, providing aid to ag businesses, by way of the U.S. Department of Labor, Department of Justice, international consulates, and all federal regulatory bottlenecks that exist. 

Natalie’s passion is helping ag businesses acquire the labor they need, whilst maintaining local, state, and federal regulatory compliance, empowering businesses to thrive.

 A family-oriented leader, Natalie has roots in Georgia, to Iowa, and Texas. Natalie has fermented her expertise in the largest ag communities across the country, delivering thousands of laborers to job sites coast-to-coast.

Gerardo Rada

Director of Operations

Gerardo Rada is an engineer specialized in process improvement, quality control & project management.
His previous work Visas provide him with essential knowledge of the US consular process.
With his combined expertise, Gerardo is a superb leader who inspires his team in Mexico and Austin in making an astounding experience for our clients & recruits.

Jennifer Galeano, MBA, SHRM-CP

International HR Manager

Jennifer Galeano is a professional with multiple years of experience in the public sector where she gained strong experience in communication and problem solving. 
She earned her master’s in business administration with a concentration in HR. Her schooling has provided her with the knowledge to understand our client’s recruitment needs. 

Alfredo Ortiz

Client Services Manager

Alfredo Ortiz assists & oversees H-2A & H-2B visa processing to meet our clients’ labor needs. Thanks to his background in consulting and sales, Alfredo is skilled at identifying clients demands and is able to quickly address issues. 
Alfredo excels at building professional relationships and developing clear lines of communication with clients and coworkers. He is a diligent worker that is always willing to help.

Aracely Norzagaray

Consular Manager

Araceli Norzagaray holds an extensive background in customer service with more than twenty years of procedural management in the private and governmental sectors. 
Her experience in the hospitality industry & people skills enables her to provide a Five-Star Service to Visa Candidates during their consular processes.
There is no one better to lead the AW Consular Team & implement the Quality Standards & Core Values we take pride on.

Yesenia Castillo

Talent Acquisition Manager

Yesenia has over ten years of experience in full cycle Human resources among different industries; her favorite area is recruitment.
Her scouting ability & leadership skills makes her the perfect person to lead our team of seasoned recruiters in finding the right worker profile for our clients’ needs.

Vas Sakamuri – Senior Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer featured image

Vas Sakamuri

Senior Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer

As the company’s Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, Vas Sakamuri brings with him a wealth of leadership, strategy, and marketing expertise that has enabled him to drive growth in various industries across startups and Fortune 5 businesses.

With his extensive experience in management, he understands the critical importance of developing and executing effective strategies that create win-win partnerships with clients and shareholders.

His ability to identify new opportunities, build strong relationships, and drive customer value has proven invaluable to the businesses he serves. As a thought leader in this space, he brings a unique perspective which pairs well with his experience to truly drive results for clients and steer the company’s growth for years to come.

Diana Rivera – Recruitment and Logistics Manager featured image

Diana Rivera, SHRM-CP

Operations Services Manager

As our Recruitment and Logistics Manager, Diana Rivera supports AW Labor Clients and TN Visa Candidates by managing TN operations services. This includes recruitment, interviews, document translations, and travel logistics to the consulate and to the U.S. upon the candidate receiving the TN Visa.

With her extensive background in international business, human resources, and communications, clients and candidates can rely on her expertise to guide them through all aspects of this complex process.

Origin Story

The story of AW Labor Solutions is entwined with the life of founder Natalie Farmer. From the day she was born, Natalie has felt like she participated in the agricultural business – her father-built livestock confinements.
Natalie went on to attend Emory University. Upon graduation, she joined her father’s business and focused on helping progress his agricultural construction company by using the H-2A program.
After collaborating with her father for a year, Natalie went on to enroll in Law School at Vanderbilt University where she met her husband, Kyle. Upon completion of law school, she and Kyle formed Farmer Law, a firm focused on Immigration and Corporate Law. Natalie then went on to launch AW Labor Solutions with the goal of helping agricultural businesses navigate the complexities of immigration law and the visa program.
AW Labor Solutions is made up of a group of resolute specialists with vast backgrounds specializing in:
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Communities
  • City, State and Federal Immigration Policies

Our Mission

AW Labor Solutions is dedicated to providing industry-leading services that safeguard the success of businesses, their employees, and livelihoods. By offering personalized labor solutions that cater to each individual company’s needs, we empower employers across multiple sectors with peace of mind for a secure future. Our team handles all aspects of recruiting, visa processing, and compliance for your company. Immigration done right.

At AW Labor Solutions we provide you with a legal seasonal workforce for all of your business needs.

We want to help your business grow because your success is also our success.