The Origin Story: Natalie Farmer

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The story of AW Labor Solutions really begins years before we started helping agricultural companies scale their workforce and navigate the challenges of the legal workflow regarding H-2A visas and compliance in 2018. Founder, Natalie Farmer, remembers her childhood years fondly.

“I have been involved in agricultural business since I was born. My dad has built livestock confinements for over 25 years,” Natalie said. “Early on in my life, we would move every six months to live near (or sometimes on) the next site.”

Natalie attended business school at Emory University for her undergraduate studies where she recalls speaking on the phone with her father almost daily about the family construction business. Following Natalie’s graduation from Emory, she joined her father’s business working in the office, aiming to help progress his agricultural construction company through the compliant use of the H-2A program, which they had just recently begun utilizing.

“When I graduated and worked in his office, I realized how dependent our family construction company was on recruiting, retaining, training, and following the compliance requirements of the H-2A program,” said Natalie.  “My dad had big plans to grow his company, so I saw a real opportunity to contribute through my education to the family business.”

After working for her father for a year, Natalie enrolled in Law School at Vanderbilt University, where she met her husband, Kyle. Following her completion of Law School, she and Kyle were married and began Farmer Law, a firm focused on Immigration and Corporate Law. Her vast background in providing direction through the H-2A programs with her father, led Natalie to launch AW Labor Solutions, with the goal of helping more businesses, similar to her family’s construction company, navigate the complexities of both immigration law and the compliance requirements of a visa program.

“As an immigration attorney, I am able to stay ahead of the changes that impact our clients and our clients’ businesses,” remarked Natalie.

As creative problem solvers Natalie and Kyle are constantly bouncing ideas off of one another to benefit their clients. An integral part of their operation’s successes comes from collaboration, dedication, and drive to always put their client’s needs first.

“My passion for the interests of employers and people utilizing visas drives me to proactively get involved to see if there are things I can do to advocate for their business’ needs. Although it is still challenging, there are more avenues to advocate on behalf of others as an attorney rather than an individual,” said Natalie.

Agriculture requires a daily commitment to something bigger than yourself. Natalie credits her dad’s leadership and dedication to the business as a driving factor for how she wished to live her life as well.

“I can feel a greater good in what we do, and I have the opportunity to work with amazing people, driving us towards our common cause to provide a scalable legal workforce to agricultural businesses,” said Natalie.

When asked what she was most proud about with AW Labor Solutions, Natalie quickly replied that she is so thankful for the depth of passion each member of her team exhibits.

“It amazes me that we have been able to find and retain such passionate individuals who care about our clients and our clients’ labor needs,” Natalie said. “With everything our team members do, they embody empathy and a deep rooted care for others that I feel so fortunate to have in the people I get to work with everyday.”

AW Labor Solutions consists of more than just a team of dedicated human resource personnel, including specialists with vast backgrounds ranging from risk management, corporate communications, city, state, and federal immigration policies, all whilst maintaining a nurturing attitude focused on providing peace of mind to each and every partner.

“From large farms to local family businesses, I am excited for the opportunity to share our strengths and services to help the steady and legal growth of their workforces,” said Natalie. “I am passionate about the part we will play in protecting more employers’ companies, livelihoods, and workforces.”


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