Job Posting Checklist for Hiring Foreign Workers

10 Items to Provide Your Recruitment Agency
When creating a job posting to provide to your recruitment agency the old saying ‘the devil is in the details’ holds true. This especially applies to employers working with a recruitment agency that focuses on foreign nationals with TN, H-2B, or H-2A visa status. You want to create a concise job posting that provides all the details needed to attract the right foreign worker for the position.
A well-written job posting should go beyond supplying the basics. The description should be clear, leaving no leeway for misunderstanding. It must aid the recruitment agency in creating a successful strategy to attract and keep the talent you need..
The job description will not only summarize the job and functions, but also mention other crucial information. You want to cover virtually everything that a potential employee might want to know about the position and then give a little nudge to encourage the foreign national to submit an application.
1. Provide the Job Title
Outline the proper job title for the position. A job title is usually the first step that a candidate uses when seeking a position.
Would-be applicants will look for openings based on the title and then go on to read the job description and other information about the company and application process. When hiring foreign nationals, remember that job titles in other countries can differ compared to the United States.
The job title also lets the recruitment agency know how to classify, list, and reach qualified job candidates.
You might be tempted to try to sweeten the job title by using words like ‘Rockstar Coordinator’ to attract applicants and let them know that your organization is a fun place to work. However, using such catchy phrases and words makes it hard for job seekers to even find the listing. Instead, focus on using standard job titles such as ‘Human Resources Coordinator.’
In a survey carried out by Indeed, it was found that 36% of job seekers search for positions by using the job title.
Always focus on using job titles that people actively search for. You want the job posting to not only show up in search results but be at the top of the list. In the case of hiring for TN, H-2A or H-2B visa positions, think about terms that foreign nationals would use to describe the position and their job titles.
2. Location of Job
The United States is a big country. You’ll want to provide information on where the work will take place. List the city, county, and state. For many TN, H-2B and H-2A visa holders, the location of the job matters if they don’t want to venture too far from the border.
When seeking a job in the United States, many foreign visa holders want to live in a particular city or state. Always make sure the recruitment agency knows where the work will take place so they can appeal to potential candidates looking to relocate to the area.
3. List the Salary
With a highly competitive job market, candidates, especially TN professionals, have become more selective than ever before. You’ll need to clearly list salary information in the job posting.
When hiring foreign nationals, you are required to adhere to certain wage requirements.
The TN visa program was developed for employers seeking skilled professionals. When hiring for TN visa positions, you’ll need to ensure that the salary meets the professional applicant’s level of expertise. Anything less will not entice the foreign national to leave their country to fill the position.
Also, if the salary is too low then it will raise questions during the visa interview and processing. Again, the salary must meet the professionals level of expertise.
It is required that H-2A wages meet the government’s Adverse Effect Wage Rates. Employers must pay the prevailing wage to H-2B visa holders.
The listed salary should make the offer stand out and appear attractive to appeal to the best job seekers. You want the job posting to instantly grab the attention of the job seeker, so they pause on the listing to read the details and hopefully reach out to the recruitment agency to apply.
What is the average salary base for the position you are seeking to fill? Does your company pay commissions or additional perks that complement the salary? If your organization provides a higher pay base, then you’ll want to showcase that in the job posting and let the candidate know exactly how much they can expect to make working with your company.
To stand out from the competition you might want to consider offering a higher salary based on experience. With a higher wage, you’ll receive more applicants that might have greater experience and could easily become a jewel to your organization.
4. Required Skills
List the core responsibilities needed to fulfill the position. Highlight the job’s day-to-day activities so that the candidate can determine if the position fits their skills. You want the candidates to understand the role and its requirements.
Consider the following, will an H-2A visa holder be required to work with hand tools? Is a driver’s license a ‘must have’? Will the foreign national need basic computer skills? If the job position requires the applicant to meet physical requirements such as lifting heavy objects, standing, or bending then you’ll need to inform the foreign worker recruitment agency of the physically required skills.

In the job posting, list the minimum required skills such as:

  • Educational requirements
  • Certifications
  • Previous job skills
  • Soft skills such as communication or problem solving 
  • Driver’s license
  • Computer skills
  • Physical demands (such as capacity to lift 50bs, stand, or bend)
5. Job Description
A job description acts as the summary of the position. It should include all the job’s essential responsibilities, skills and activities needed to perform the task, and should align with the job title provided for the position.
List a sufficient amount of detail about the position so that candidates can determine if they meet the requirements of the position.
A survey carried out by Indeed found that 52% of candidates found the quality of the job description influential in helping them decide whether to apply for the position.
When creating a job description, always use gender-neutral language to help foster diversity. Studies have shown that using masculine wording in a job description makes women less likely to apply.
  • H-2A Visa Program: The H-2A visa program was developed to meet the needs of U.S. employers seeking agricultural and seasonal laborers. The program focuses on the employment needs of small farms and large agricultural producers when they fail to hire American workers due to a shortage in the area. A foreign worker agency will work closely with the employer to find H-2A applicants to meet the labor needs. 
  • H-2B Visa Program: The H-2B visa program helps U.S. employers fill non-agricultural temporary or seasonal positions.
  • TN Visa Program: The TN visa program recognizes only 60 professions. The professionals must also meet very specific educational requirements to qualify for the job positions
A successful job description should provide sufficient detail so a candidate can easily understand the role. You do not want to be too wordy. Research has shown that successful job postings which range from 700 to 2,000 characters or 300 to 660 words receive around 30% more applications than job descriptions that are too short or wordy.
6. Company Information
Provide the recruitment agency with information about your business for use in the job posting. List the company’s industry, location, goals, and achievements.
On occasion, a company working with a recruitment agency wants their company to remain confidential. If you do not want your company’s information included in the job listing, then be sure to let the recruitment agency know.
7. Start Date
Always give the recruitment agency the projected start date to add in the job posting. Even if you are flexible about the date, be sure to list a general range of dates. Provide not only start dates but end dates for H-2A and H-2B visa holders.
8. Length of Time
Let the recruitment agency know the length of time that the position will last. TN, H-2B, and H-2A visas have very stringent requirements but all are different.
As nonimmigrant visas, workers are allowed to enter the U.S. only for a certain time period. Depending on the visa type, the worker can accept a seasonal position or a job for up to one-year before needing to reapply or return to their country of origin.
9. Perks and Benefits
If the salary offered doesn’t seem that impressive then you might want to list other incentives to appeal to candidates.
If your organization provides any of the following, then consider listing them in the job posting:
  • Gym membership
  • In-house cafeteria
  • Day care
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommuting options
  • Company car
  • Travel compensation
  • Commissions 
  • Educational opportunities
  • Flexible hours
  • Insurance
  • Paid time off 
  • Vacation time
  • Profit sharing
  • Bonuses
  • Holiday pay
  • Food allowance
  • Housing assistance
  • Tuition reimbursement
When creating a job posting to hire foreign nationals, always make note of what your organization’s top performer earns to let the candidates know their potential for growth or and income.
10. Application Process
Always provide complete transparency about the application process in the job description. Outline your organization’s reporting structure and how the role fits.
How long will you advertise the position with the recruiter? Will you promote the position until the job slot is filled, or will you only fill the position for a specific time frame?
Foreign workers often want to know the number of expected interviews and other key assessment components when they try to determine if the job is right for them.
Additional Tips on Creating a Job Posting
Below are a few tips on how to create a successful job posting to appeal to foreign workers. When combined with the above checklist, they can help pave the way to finding the right candidate for your organization.
Humanizing the Job Posting
If you want your organization’s job posting to appeal to the best TN, H-2A , H-2B visa holders and stand out from the competition, then you should consider humanizing the descriptions. You can include a bonus section at the end of the job posting that outlines what your employees have to say about the company. However, you’ll need to discuss things with the foreign worker recruitment agency you are working with to see their protocol.
Let your team present a brief overview of the challenges faced, successful past projects, and testimonials. The additional section is just an added way to appeal to prospective job seekers while providing them with a realistic preview of the job.
Avoid Confusion
When creating a job posting to give to a recruiting agency, you want things to sound and appear clearcut. You’ll want to avoid using cliches, buzzwords, slang, or other jargon which might make your job posting appear less than professional. You don’t want to turn away potential employees.
Foreign visa holders who are interested in applying for the position might become confused over the different meanings of particular words, connotations, or cliches. Maintaining clear and precise job descriptions will appeal to more job applicants and make the hiring process more successful for the recruitment agency.
Do Not Use Abbreviations or Acronyms
When creating a job posting, always avoid the use of abbreviations and acronyms. Your organization’s acronyms will mean extraordinarily little to job candidates or a recruitment agency, especially foreign nationals.
Even the use of industry acronyms and abbreviations can impact the job posting’s readability and hinder its search results. Do Not use Abbreviations or Acronyms.
The use of abbreviations will also affect how your job posting appears in search results. If you use an abbreviation, then you are assuming that every applicant who is looking for a particular position will use the abbreviation instead of the full term. Such an assumption could cost you talent.
Using abbreviations doesn’t mean that your listing is unsearchable, but it does make it more difficult for prospective applicants to find the job listing with the recruitment agency.
Provide the above 10 items to AW Labor Solutions when creating a job posting to hire a successful foreign national for your organization’s TN, H-2A , H-2B job vacancy.

If you have any questions about the hiring process or recruitment agency, contact AW Labor Solutions.


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