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We Manage Your Team

The ins and outs of workforce management can be more than taxing. Our human resource team provides real-time solutions and stability for our partners, no matter how large or small the workforce team. Facilitating compliance with regard to time keeping, transportation, housing, state-issued driver’s licenses, and beyond, AW Labor Solutions will allow you to rest assured that your team has everything they need, and your business has recorded documents for compliance purposes. Not to mention our full-service offerings, such as human resource manual production to better organize your operations, employee benefits portfolio creation, time-keeping and payroll, as well as incident reporting, training, and more:
  • Employee Communication
  • Training and Development
  • Performance Management
  • Investigations and Conflict Management
  • Time Keeping and Payroll Services

At AW Labor Solutions we provide you with a legal seasonal workforce for all of your business needs.

We want to help your business grow because your success is also our success.

Best Practices

We Will Help You Scale Your Business

Knowing the landscape of the H-2A process allows AW Labor Solutions to navigate the needs for both employers and employees, providing the support needed to have successful growth throughout the seasons. Many seasonal employees will return, and in fact, return to the same businesses year in and year out, if work-flow allows, building a long-lasting relationship for the workforce and our partners. Our relationships with the Department of Labor, the Mexican Consulate, and local, state, regional, and federal government agencies bring a vast benefit to our partners, beyond simply providing a scalable and reliable workforce, but an organized documentation system unparalleled in this industry.

COVID-19 Best Practices

In 2020, between unseasonable weather patterns and COVID-19, many agricultural operations have encountered trying times. AW Labor Solutions has aided businesses across the nation with COVID-19 operational plans to better navigate this unprecedented time.

Advocates for Agriculture

The World Needs Agriculture

When you think of some of the most demanding, important, and toughest jobs in the world, you can’t pass over the agricultural workforce. Millions of workers each year are on the ground across the United States from seeding to harvests with wheat, corn, grain, sugarcane, fruit and vegetables, to farm labor, protein and livestock operations and beyond, our world’s food suppliers rely on these workforces to support entire countries across the globe. The H-2A visa paired with the professionals at AW Labor Solutions will provide your business with:
  • Legal Labor
  • Reliable Labor
  • Transfers
  • Business Growth
  • Seasonal Measurable
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We want to help your business grow because your success is also our success.